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…the stuff that comes up in a Google alert:
Google Web Alert for: “Surface Wound”

in vitro laboratory model. anaerobic and aerobic bacteria: an …
Infected surface wound: an experimental model and a method for the quantitation of bacteria in infected tissue. Appl. Microbiol 1972;23:509-14. …

pastebin – Miscellany – post number 1800270
You are sliced in the chest for a small surface wound. 4537h, [...]

Alison Moyet’s people posted a comment on the TMJ blog wherein Alison weighs in on Surface Wound’s cover of her song “Nobody’s Diary.”   Seems she’s cool with it.  Herein the link to the entire discussion (whereby Steve’s guitar work is praised, and Sandy’s singing…isn’t).  Thanks to the Poobah for pointing the way to this.


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